Hi lovely reader, 


Welcome to my cozy nook of the internet. I go by Antavia because as far as unique monikers go, they haven’t been very successful. So, enjoy the multisyllabic exercise that begins as you try to pronounce my name in your head. 

I’m a writer, dancer, and creator with a desire to inspire others to tap into their own innate creativity. Creativity for me has been a journey of joy and pain in understanding how to live life to the fullest and here, I hope you find something that sparks a desire to be creative, to see poetry, inhale love, and leave knowing you’ve been inspired.

As you rove the pages filled with words, find wonder and all it entails. Within them gather an admiration for life and the courage to live it.

Discover love and all its intricacies and seek the kind of faith that inspires grace upon grace upon grace. 

I’m a deep lover of words at heart and if you’re ever interested in seeing some of my work outside of my blog, I’ve been published in a literary journal and an anthology of short stories. It is my hope you find a little virtual home here. 

Published Works 

Promethia 2014-2015

  • “Collision” (Poem)

Promethia 2016 (Link unavailable)

  • “To the German Boy Who Likes to Play Ping Pong” (Poem)
  • “Clear the Stage” (Essay)

Promethia 2017 

  • “Cobblestoned Beauty” (Essay)
  • “Brown Beautiful Woman” (Poem)
  • “Paper Castles” (Poem)

Promethia 2018 (Link unavailable)

  • “Summer in Mississippi” (Poem)

Emerging Writers of Oklahoma 2018

  • “Ibrahim in the Kitchen” (Short Story)

P.S. Feel free to peruse my twin sister’s blog: Octavia D. Mason