I write about love because it is so much easier to write about the positioning of two hearts learning to lean towards the other than to find similes and metaphors for hate and insidiousness of evil.

In these moments of life, I am reminded of Madeleine L’Engle, the author of a A Wrinkle in Time (and the Time Quintet). L’Engle weaves mind-bending and awe-inspiring stories,  about the power and saving grace of love, while relating evil to pulsing red brains in blood-colored pulsing rooms within dome-shaped buildings or as vanishing birds disguised as familiar faces at night. She does this so well, writing about evil without planting its seeds in the garden of her heart.

I am understanding this as a lover and a writer. Love exists and will exist forever; hate simply cannot persist.

I am also understanding that evil is never as strong as it thinks it is. I know first-hand how light beats out darkness every time. I know how lovers of light make room for seeds of hope to grow in the garden of souls.

I am one of the ones who believe in the persistence of light, allowing illuminating sun to brighten the colder parts. I am trees no longer hidden in the shade, yet the provider of the comfort and solace of it.

As Creators, Lovers of light we must be, fighters in this revolution of love and hope. We are sun-givers bearing stars in our palms, peace bringers to the ones learning how to feel peace for the very time in their lives.

As storytellers, writers, and artists, we have the gifts to give the world what it needs. In what way, dear reader, are you using your creativity?

Stay bold and stay creative, lovelies!

Sincerely, a girl and her poems,





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