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Hola Beloveds!

I hope your hearts are not waning in the wading of home life as many of us are still being urged to stay home as much as possible. During this time, everything can feel overwhelming, thoughts can feel overbearing, and many other things.

For me, I am slowly, but surely taking this time at home in strides. It’s been beautifully reflective and at other times too reflective where I have to calm the raging wave of over-thinking and calculative processing.

So, here is a poem to help ease the anxious worry some may be feeling.

fireflies are full of life

their flickering signifying

subtle vitality, strength

in each beat of luminescent breath


I’d like to be a firefly

used to a slow and steady flight

learning to light my path

one inch at a time

edging along centimeters

aware of how short living can be

yet how large love looms in view

of my frailness


I wouldn’t waver at uncertainty

I would fly toward wonder,

flap my wings at her whimsy

marveling how even in the thickening

night I am still full of life


Sincerely, a poet writing at home,


Copy of Copy of 25 Days of Creativity Dec. 1st-25th (1)

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*Featured Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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