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The new year is close! I cannot believe 2019 is practically over. This year has been full of so much creativity, so many ideas, growth, and healing.

Now, around this time of year, everyone is buying planners and bullet journals to begin the planning and goal setting for the next coming 365 days. This is the time where most of humanity reflects on the outcome of this year and what the next could bring.

For me, I haven’t yet sat down to fully grapple with and write down my goals and vision for 2020. However, this month’s creative challenges gave me more clarity on what I want the next year to look like.

December Updates

As far as December goes, I want to focus on the last few days of this beautiful month! I just wrapped up for the second time, #25daysofcreativity. 25 Days of Creativity is a creative challenge I started last year, in 2018 as a way to be more creative. This year I decided to do it again and opened it up to other creative peoples on social media to join me.

I will say this year has been more fruitful, not just in the sense of productivity and the work that came out of it, but also spiritually and even emotionally. You can read more about that experience here : 25 Days of Creativity

To end out this month and this decade/year, on my Instagram (Pen of the Beloved), I posted a poem from each year of the last decade from 2013-2019. This year served me well creatively and I became a woman of patience as I have learned to lean more into creating from a place of wholeness and clarity with God.

Poetry was my baby step into a decade of learning the craft of writing, the art of poetry, and the power that lies in each. In this decade I have become a writer, a poet, a dancer. I’ve become many things and my deepest desire for this next year is to continue becoming in light of who Christ is. This decade has shown me the beauty of life even in the midst of pain. I have learned more of a God who once seemed so distant, but is now so very close.

I’ve come to understand that this life has so much meaning because of a loving God who makes it meaningful. These last ten years have taught me creativity, patience, love for myself, for my family, and for an infinite God who only gets better the more I get to know Him. As 2020 unravels in a matter of hours, my prayer is that a genuine love for God and for purposeful life will begin to bubble up within our souls. That 2020, would be filled with clarity and vision like no other year before it.

This year holds possibilities and dreams that can be fulfilled. How we choose to live each day brings us one step closer to those possibilities.

Happy New Year, Beloveds!

Copy of 25 Days of Creativity Dec. 1st-25th (1)



Copy of Copy of 25 Days of Creativity Dec. 1st-25th

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2 thoughts on “A Decade of Poetry

  1. “I’ve come to understand that this life has so much meaning because of a loving God who makes it meaningful.” I love this line! Life becomes so much more beautiful when you understand it has meaning. <3
    I pray 2020 is your best year yet!

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