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It is Day 23 of 25 Days of Creativity and I cannot believe it! I’m in shock at how fast this creative challenge has flown by. It is currently week 4, but I’m including this week with week 3 simply because the 25th day is on Wednesday.

Last week, the theme for this creative shindig, was movement. I share a bit about my journey with dance and how it came to be in my life on my IG stories, you can check out those videos on my highlights to catch up on what’s been happening in the last few weeks.

All of last week was a journey of me discovering movement again. The desire to dance is a part of my life and sometimes my body just wants to move, and so it became a theme for this year’s 25 Days of Creativity challenge. I did record myself dancing twice, which wasn’t anything choreographed, it was more freestyle than anything, but it’s still progress!

The point of it was to experiment with movement as well as use it as a way to grow closer to God. For anyone who’s been a part of this blog, especially since last year’s creative challenge knows I wholeheartedly believe in the power of creativity, but that creativity comes from a beautiful Creator, God. The act of creating is a holy and lovely thing and it only gets better as we grow closer to God. 

Throughout the entirety of last week, it was spent doing a lot of dance not in front of a camera. The goal was to record at least more than twice, however, I realized this challenge is not just to post, but to actually develop personal growth in our own creative lives outside of social media. Simply because when the challenge ends, creativity continues on.

Recap on Movement

This week has taught me that there a LOT of things I need to learn all over again. Y’all the discipline and work that goes into dance is so so meaningful and I remember the importance of all the dance classes I took in college. I have also learned not to discount the progress I have made, the strength I do have, and the flexibility that does still exist.

Ultimately, I have and am still learning the beauty of connecting with life through movement. Movement is teaching me a different way to pray, to grieve, to worship, to simply exhale.

As time goes on and this challenge ends, I will take dance with me into 2020 and trust the process, trust my limbs, and trust God even more.

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