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The first week of #25daysofcreativity has ended and now we’re entering into week 2 with a focus on art and painting.

This week was different than the last, in that words were not be the focal point and for me that is how I have chosen to express my thoughts for like the last 14 years of my life.

As a growing creative person and someone who wholeheartedly believes in creating from spaces of wholeness–even in the midst of pain and moments of healing–I find that different mediums of creativity open the door of full-fledged expression that brings glory to God and allows other people to see the beauty of God and the reality of faith.

This challenge of #25daysofcreativity is not just to create every day, but to allow Sweet Holy Spirit to guide me and teach me things about creativity I haven’t known or recognized due to my own fears, supposed inadequacies, and doubts I’ve had about myself and the creative ability given to me from my Abba God.

As a whole, this challenge is a journey and I believe it will continue to be as time progresses. There is always more to learn about God, Jesus, and Sweet Holy Spirit and the creative capacities each human being carries within them. Creativity is an unraveling of beauty in a world so full of hurriedness and anxiousness that we are missing God in the slowness and in the ordinary. There is just as much thrill in the quiet as the excitement when we, as creative people, realize that the small teachable moments are leading us into even more beauty, more creation, and more wholeness mingled with the intimacy of knowing the Creator. I want to expound on this more, but for now I digress.

This week I am going to take time to still myself and quiet the noise around me and in me so that I can hear the leading of Abba and Sweet Holy Spirit because creating with Him, I’m learning, is all I have ever really needed.

Also, stay tuned for the big reveal of what week 3 is. It’s gonna be good, y’all!

Stay creative, beloveds!


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