Beloved, hello and welcome back to my creative space on the internet!

Day 4 was a day! A good one, but somewhat long. I think I started to feel the effects of going to sleep late twice in a row and my left eye twitched an innumerable amount of times throughout the day.

I also was mildly productive in all of my tasks on this day. So, I decided to continue the resting I began on day 3 and I chose my creative outlet to be baking.

Recently, I’ve been into cooking and baking videos. The interest is so great that I began watching Bon Appetite videos and even started reading a book about bread making. I even went so far as to make a baguette from scratch and the results were surprisingly wonderful. It’s truly a whole new world when it comes to the art of cooking and baking.

Back to Day 4 though–I wanted to do something creative but not so much behind my computer or posting a poem on IG. So, I pulled out some flour and a carefully measured amount of yeast and began the process of making the dough for my pizza. This was about my third time making pizza with yeast and flour so my confidence has heightened.

The results turned out great and my roommates and I ended the evening watching S.W.A.T and eating pizza. 


day 5

Day 5 was an entirely different day. I didn’t really create anything, I didn’t really eat a balanced meal at all that day, and made a terrible cup of coffee because now I realize I prefer whole milk in my coffee instead of almond milk. However, in the midst of a very busy day, I did take moments of quiet to myself. If anything, yesterday taught me that each day of this challenge does not have to be perfect and it won’t be perfect. However, how I respond to the moments presented to me in a day does matter and does effect how I look at every other day left of #25daysofcreativity. There were questions about my time and what I see as slacking, and I wondered if I’m doing this all right.

Although it may sound like Day 5 was an unproductive day, I did get to meet some amazing customers at my book selling job yesterday. Although my coffee was completely gross, I did get to end my evening with a nice cup of tea by one of my favorite tea blenders, Harney & Sons (that made me forget about the cup of coffee.) Although I didn’t write a poem or a phrase yesterday, I did become reminded of the poetry found in the Bible and in songs from new artists which further stirred up the excitement for creativity in me. Yesterday was not a fail and I have to remind myself of that.

As this first week comes to a close in a just a day in and a half, I am excited for all that is left of this challenge and how else I can grow these next 19 days. 

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