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Hola beloveds!

I hope you all are getting on creatively well this week! I can’t believe this first week of December is almost over. I don’t want this month to go by SO fast!

I’m playing a bit of catch-up with my #25daysofcreativity challenge this week. I took yesterday to rest and the day before that I wrote a couple of haikus so as not to strain myself with work, writing, and this challenge.

Poetry has always been comfort for me and I don’t want to force myself with this challenge, but enjoy the process more. It’s okay if my Day 3 doesn’t look like my Day 1.

So, here’s the haiku for day three!

In billowing wind

grace floats just below the stars

and there I find joy.

Haikus have a special place in my heart because I find it so beautiful the possibility to be so poetic in such small phrases.

I hope you guys are enjoying this challenge, if you’d like more behind the scenes of what I’m doing don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @penofthebeloved

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