25 Days of Creativity 2019 | DAY 1


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Hola Beloveds,

Welcome back to this lovely corner of the internet!

If you’ve been following my blog for the last year, you may be familiar with a little challenge I created last year called 25 Days of Creativity.

This beautiful challenge was created out of my desire to create and write more. Last year, my creative drive felt quite non-existent and I wanted to change that. Thus, #25daysofcreativity was formed.

One Year Ago

Last year, this time, I challenged myself to write poetry, to blog, and even try my hand at drawing again. This lovely little challenge struck a chord with me and my view of creativity as a whole. For me, I’m learning that creativity is more a way of doing life than it is what I do. Over the last year, I’ve come to know creativity as worship, as an expression of joy, and as a means of processing and healing.

So, this month as #25daysofcreativity begins again I have made the decision to take on this season with a different mindset. Last year, I pushed myself to create because I felt a sense of stagnation in my creative flow. This year I have chosen to create from a place of rest and peace and excitement than from a place of anxiousness. I forced myself to create rather than allowed myself space and time to rest, reset, and begin again. Although, I do believe that pushing of myself did help I’m grateful for the growth I’ve experienced in the last year that will lend to a different kind of creating this season.

This challenge is now in its second year and is now fueled by more vision, creative drive, and pure excitement. I mean, what better time to create than in the Spirit of Christmas. This time of year is such a magical one and I find myself wanting to slow this moment, this season down and really live in it. I want this time to be one of blossoming creativity, growth, and understanding. This season is also one of reflection and planning and I hope that in the next 24 days I will have connected more to creativity and my Creator in it all.

These next 24 days or 3 1/2 weeks I will focus on different mediums of creating.

1st week: words (poetry, prose, pretty much anything literary)

2nd week: art (drawing & painting)

3rd week: mystery week (this week could literally be anything! I’m going to surprise myself)

If you want to join this challenge, follow me on Instagram @penofthebeloved and stay connected with me on my stories.

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