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Finding pace is important. In all aspects of life, the speed with which we approach things can be helpful and conducive to productivity or extremely damaging to a creative process and even to emotional and mental health.

In my one of my recent blog post, I talked about my goals and the things I got to accomplish the first six months of this year. Check it out here.

In accomplishing so much, yet still feeling as if I have so much on my plate, I had to learn the art of pacing. I am still in the middle of learning the art of pacing, if I’m being honest. Being creative and taking on more than one project has the tendency to make me feel stretched and spread thin. This mostly happens when I don’t plan, make lists, or simply just breathe.

How to Pace Yourself  

Pacing, believe it or not, doesn’t just refer to running. Although, the imagery does help. Just like a runner paces and times themselves in order to avoid early burnout/ tiredness, it’s important for us creative souls to maintain pace and peace to not burnout and tire the mind, the soul, and even the body.

For me, as a writer, polymer clay artist, and dancer, I think about all the projects I want to complete and I can feel overwhelmed. I realize time management is not the distant thing I use to dream about in college, it’s actually a useful tool that need be utilized in my er’day life, literally everyday.

So, as a learner of pace and time management, here are a few tips I’ve used myself to stay on top of my things.

4 Things to Make You More Productive

  • MAKE LISTS: lists are deliciously satisfying to make and when you complete a task and mark it off, it is amazing!
  • PRIORITIZE: This is something that would get told to me a lot during an internship I had by a lovable, yet slightly micro-managing director. He would explain this to me consistently and I totally get it now. Prioritize based off of urgent, secondary, and whatever comes after that.
  • ENERGY: As much fun as it sounds to run off of coffee, for me it does not have that effect. I can drink a cup of coffee and snuggle up and go to sleep on most occasions. Tea works better in terms of caffeine for me.

But how you’re using and fueling yourself for energy matters. When I’m exercising, sleeping well, & eating well I find a groove and a pace much more easily. Sometimes what you’re consuming will have a huge effect on how you’re functioning.

  • SLEEP: I cannot express this one enough. In college I could stay up SO late and literally pop up at 8:00am like nobody’s business. I don’t know what has happened two years later, but getting a consistent number of hours of sleep helps a whole lot when it comes to time management and pace.

Realistic Expectations

If there is anything I’ve learned this year, it is to set realistic expectations. I am by far from perfect and  I’m still working a routine that fits me. I’m STILL working getting to bed earlier to get up earlier and sometimes it doesn’t always work like I expect it to.

Practice setting realistic expectations, beloved, and if you mess it up don’t beat yourself up. Setting routine takes time, effort, and discipline. It’s a lovely word when you think about how helpful it actually is.

Let me know how you guys pace yourselves! I’d love to know.

Sincerely,  a creative,

~ Antavia


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