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Hola beloveds!

There is something truly different about the air once Autumn arrives. It isn’t the change in temperature that brings those beautiful morning chills, it’s something akin to magic. The bubbling up of something more beautiful. It’s worth slowing down for, worth silent moments of window gazing and the cozy gatherings we, at times, forsake.

It’s also my favorite time of picking up bold-colored leaves and placing them between books that I won’t pick up until next Summer. 🍂🍁🍂


Today’s blog post is a bit different from the usual content.

Seeing as Autumn has finally arrived I decided to relax this weekend and celebrate the new season with a fun chai tea cookie recipe!

Baking has become one of my favorite things to do. Pinterest recipes and are my jam!

Chai Tea Cookies

I adapted a Pinterest recipe for sugar cookies and made it my own by adding tea leaves from a couple of Tazo Chai tea bags.

Check out the original recipe!

The only thing I added to the ingredients were two chai tea bags that I ground with my spice grinder. This helps the tea leaves meld well with the dough. However, if you don’t have a spice grinder, the dough will still produce delicious fall cookies!

Because I’m new to making cookie dough, I did not use two full cups of flour because somehow my cookies can easily come more cake-like in texture than cookie-like.

I used somewhere between 1 and half cups of flour.

My Chai Cookie To-Do List

After mixing the ingredients together I did the following:

🍂 Chilled the dough overnight. I alternated between my fridge and freezer because I don’t think my fridge is all that cold.

🍂 Rolled half a teaspoon amount of dough between the palms of hands and placed them on a lightly greased baking sheet. (The original recipe uses cookie cutters)

🍁 Then, I baked the cookies between 8-10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Honestly the cookies can bake for 8 minutes and still come out with a crispy bottoms and soft middle. I like my cookies to have a bit of a crunch!

If you want to see the end results of these sweet, Autumn-inspired cookies, check out my Cozy Autumn vlog on YouTube under Pen of the Beloved!

Happy Autumn, beloveds! Let me know if you try out the recipe!

Sincerely a girl in love with fall!

~ Antavia 🍂🍁

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