Happy Tuesday, Beloveds!

Newness is a part of life we all at some point hesitate to step into.

New jobs

New people

New habits

Just about anything new frightens the parts of humanity that questions change. I find this to be especially true of new things that are often better than the moments previously experienced.

We shy away from what is different, from things that take that huge amount of risk we feel we don’t have. Yet, I’ve learned that anything worth having is worth a heck of a lot of risk. Steps or next moves that seem scary are often the very thing that propels us into a moment of greatness we would not otherwise have.

So, with that being said, the last week of my life has been full of new risks and some of them I’d like to share with you, dear reader. Consider this a sort of life update.

In the last 7 days I have:

  • Moved 7 1/2 hours away from my hometown to live with my twin sister and one of my best friends from college.
  • Continued a three month job search that has proven to be interestingly interesting. That’s all I will say about that.
  • Started actually editing my poetry manuscript. I’m so close to publishing my very first book baby.
  • Created and filmed my first video for my YouTube channel which I launched yesterday. Check out the first video at Pen of the Beloved on YouTube.

In all of these things, my trust in God has felt wavering, strong, unbreakable, and seemingly fragile simultaneously. With this move, most of what I expected to happen these first seven days have turned out to be different than what I thought would happen. Although the outcome has been different, I see my Abba’s hand at work.

In the fight to hold on to faith, He has been with me, affirmed His promises to me, and has encouraged me to stay the course with what He’s started in me.

Of course it hasn’t been easy. However, as I sit in my living room in a city I’ve prayed about moving to for the last year, I am overwhelmingly at peace with the new things on the horizon.

God is good and the joy of living is ever present.

Today, discover what you can find joy in today.

Sincerely, Antavia

*Featured Photo by Miti on Unsplash.


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