Pink Musings | To Rescind a Working Love

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘musing’ post. Pink musings is where I post some of my poems so that you guys can see what I’ve been working on. I may change this segment of my blog to a different title. But, we shall see.

Here’s to my poetic musing for this lovely Friday.


I want to rescind every interaction I’ve ever had with you

To wrap them up and tie neatly with bows so as to

remind myself of how good things used to be

I desire for the seconds that flowed on an axis of infinity

to be bound to time so that I may be reminded that all things

do come to an end eventually

I want to erase the times my heart beat in anticipation

of your arrival and plug my ears with fingers that once

desired the warmth of your hand so that I can no longer

hear the music of your laughter

I want the words I’ve written for you to seep back into the

existence of my soul so that the lines of poetry I’ve poured out

of myself can one day have meaning again  for someone who can hold

my words in the palm of their hands,

pocket them like priceless jewels,

pulling them out every once in a while to admire the way

my love sparkles in sunshine and gleams beneath moonlight

when cultivated with care.

Sincerely a woman committed to healing.

~ Antavia