Bookish Parley: Goodreads Challenges & The Fight to Read More


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Happy Wednesday, dear readers!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you know what Wednesdays on this side of the internet mean. It’s the time we get to release our inner book dragon and discuss all of our book-ish desires!

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So, the struggle to read has been one for the books!

Ha, get it?

I have a number of books on my TBR (to be read list) that I want to read and I’m working on how to create more time to actually delve into them. It is important to me to finish the books I’ve started, especially when I like them.

I’m currently reading about 4 or 5 books at a time and so far this year I’ve read about 6 books this year with Goodreads goal set for 10. For some book-ish people, this may seem like a small number. I have some friends who are well into their 80th or 100th book right now and I’m like whoa, maybe I should be reading just a tiny bit more.

I say this not under the influence of comparison, but as a reader who has always enjoyed reading. I find myself not reading the way I used to and that bothers me. Reading is a joy that I’ve found solace in for such a long time and is a fun activity I want to continue in my life and not allow other things to drown that out.

As I’ve gotten older, it seems more difficult than ever to read between starting new projects, finishing old ones, working day jobs, and even spending time with family. The desire is present, yet the time feels lacking.

So, in order to make more time and carve out that space to do what I enjoy, I put together a list for other busy readers out there who are looking for more ways to read in their daily lives. Some of these “to-do’s” are so simple because all they require is just doing it.

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Here we go!

5 Ways to Read More 

  • Wake Up 30-45 Minutes Earlier | Waking up at an earlier time can be tricky for those of us who have late jobs. But,  rising just a few more minutes than usual makes it possible to read for at least 15 minutes. I’ve done this a couple times and would read for 20 minutes, and it actually helps to read and finish a book if you’re consistent with it.
  • Read During Your Commute| If you take public transportation this one is for you! If you take the bus, the train, the subway, you can read. All it takes is downloading that book, grabbing the little novel before you leave the house and carve out some time to exercise the eyes instead of listening to music and daydreaming out the window because that is what I would totally do.
  • Read During Downtime| This is something I’ve heard from someone else recently, which is to read in lines. This is one that truly can be done just about anywhere. Anytime you have a lull in time, standing in line for coffee or a line for lunch is a great time to pull out a book. Even 10 minutes of reading makes a difference and develops the habit of reaching for a story instead of swiping mindlessly through social media for those minutes.
  • Read Poetry Books|For those of you who don’t like poetry, this a great way to be introduced to different kinds of poets and their styles. Poetry books, most of them, are small and can be read in shorter periods of time. It also allows for a break for those who do a lot of heavy novel reading and want something less dense. I suggest Rudy Franciso’s Helium  (This isn’t a sponsored link, I just really enjoy his poetry and wholeheartedly believe other people will too!) 
  • Read Before Bed | Studies show that reading before bed increases the possibility of better sleep. It’s quiet just before bed for most people. There are no distractions, no one pulling for your attention and energy. So, placing that book on your nightstand and cracking it open just before bed, helps you not only reach a goal but helps you sleep better. (Check out this link –>) Reading a Book Before Bedtime
  • Bonus Tip | A definite go-to for many other readers is to listen to audiobooks of the stories time doesn’t allow one to read physically. For me, audiobooks do not capture me fully the way reading the words do and I find myself not listening to the story. I also feel that I haven’t read anything, so it’s not something I would include on the list for myself.

I hope this helps you readers on your journey of reading more. For those of you doing Goodreads challenges, I am rooting for you just as much as I am rooting for myself.

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Sincerely, a girl with a love for books

~ Antavia

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