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Today I am officially 24, at least I will be sometime after 10:00am!

Sometimes it honestly still amazes me that I’m not 18 because that what I feel like and it’s strange that as I get older I still maintain the youthfulness of my preteen self. It’s kinda crazy.

But yeah, I’m 24 which is pretty much an adult (right?) which sounds so mature and old to me. (I’m smiling with unbelief as I write this.)

Even though on the outside I don’t seem to have aged much, I can look back on the 23 years of my life and see noticeable differences in myself, my character, intelligence, and other typical and not so typical things that happen when a person gets older.

So, here are 23 things I’ve learned since turning 23, my 23 years of experience, and so forth and so on..

Here we goooo!

  1. No matter how old I get, I will forever be mistaken as a wayy younger than I actually am. Guys, it happens ALL the time!
  2. Who I was at 16 has drastically changed and life does grow beyond the challenges of what seems so overwhelmingly now and present.
  3. Books are still bae and have been bae since I was 6.
  4. Family is a gift, even if at times difficult, family is a gift.
  5. My momma knows basically everything. I am honored and forever grateful for how she prays for me. Praying mommas are the best mommas!
  6. Being emotional isn’t a bad thing, but learning how to maintain emotions and not let them overrun how you do life is important.
  7. One cannot change their past, but the present is always full of hope and the capability to be different than yesterday.
  8. God is so real, love is powerful, and peace is attainable. (That’s technically three, but it’s okay.)
  9. Libraries/ bookstores are a safe haven for my soul and I don’t think that will ever change.
  10. Kindness is not a weakness and it takes nothing away from me to be unashamedly kind.
  11. Water is actually really good for my body and I don’t know why I’m just now appreciating it.
  12. Travel often. It changes how you see the world in some of the best ways.
  13. Read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Every human being should. It’s deep, beautiful, and tragic, but so worth it.
  14. Empathy goes a long way.
  15. Love comes in many forms and it’s best to appreciate them all.
  16. Friendships are work, sometimes scary, but some of the best relationships ever. My friends are awesome.
  17. Read poetry, write poetry, and fall in love with words.
  18. Singleness is knowing myself. #singlelikeapringle
  19. Reaching out to people you want to get to know is nerve-wracking, but hey, it doesn’t hurt anything.
  20. Prayer is much more beautiful than I’ve believed.
  21. Life is an on-going process of growth, revelation, and learning.
  22. It’s important to find what you enjoy even if other people find it strange.
  23. Be open to love how God designed it.

Here is to year 24, to growing and loving and being. I write this with a heart and soul full of gratitude because I remember the times when living seemed to difficult and Abba God has never allowed me to stay there. To be alive and to be filled with a joy never-ending makes me thankful. Also, the fact that I get to enjoy this day with my twin sister and 10-year old niece makes it all the more worth it!



~ Antavia

Featured Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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