3 Ways to Let Your Creativity Flag Fly


Photo by Yasmine Boheas on Unsplash

Hola, dear reader!

Welcome to another post about creativity! One of my goals and aspirations for this year is to find more ways to be creative. For quite a while the only creative outlet I felt completely confident in was writing. Words were my go to, my safe haven, and my way of understanding the world and myself. When I needed to express myself artistically, I found such safety and such a blossoming of joy in writing, that it became all I felt I knew how to do.

This year I want to make moves in creativity and seek it out by learning new tools and learning new crafts even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want. For more on my goals for 2019 click here.

One of the ways I’ve ventured into the world of creativity is taking a ceramics class with my sister. I work in an art+ entertainment museum that offers various art classes and this particular class piqued my interest. At first, it was scary, but in some way, all new things are, in the best way. The results were to my liking even though I still have much to learn. I threw a lot of clay away and tried my hardest not to be too frustrated.

Only one of the ceramic pieces in the photos above was made on the wheel and everything else was hand built. These pieces symbolize to me my capacity to grow as a creative and to try new things, even the things that are so glaringly new. These ceramic pieces are my babies and I can’t wait to create more.

Beginning something you’ve never done before has the capacity to grow you in ways unimaginable. It takes patience and care, so I want to share THREE ways to let your creative flag fly. These three things are what I’m learning myself, so we are in this together!

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|Risk| “No risk, no reward.” Quite a true statement here. Being creative is all about being a risk taker. Creatives inspire, begin again, and actualize dreams into reality. It is risky to put time and effort into things that may be fruitful, things we want to yield the results we had in mind when we began. At times, something even better comes of what we initially wanted when starting new things.

|Continuity| Being creative in a new way, whether it’s pottery, painting, or writing every day, it takes continuity. It’s like learning a new language and that requires daily practice. In college, I had a Spanish professor who would literally tell us the best way to learn Spanish and stick with it was to practice 3 hours a day. Everyone in the class, including myself would stare at him with slight horror in our eyes at his impractical suggestion. How could we dedicate 3 hours to Spanish while juggling other classes, activities, and everything else! Although I thought his suggestion was ludicrous more than 2 years ago. My Spanish teacher has a point. Learning anything new takes daily practice and dedication.

|Quiet| Any person who creates, invents, moves, and breathes will at some point need quiet. Quiet allows for time to reset, recalibrate, and rest. If you find yourself not being able to find quiet so easily, read my blog post below. It’s one of my favorites! I find quiet oftentimes to be the biggest motivator for reflection. In those moments of reflection, creativity has the chance to spark!

5 Ways to Make Time for Silence: The Prerequisite to Creativity

These three ways I’ve listed are just some of the ways to get the creative juices flowing. I know from experience it is not always easy. We all know this to some extent, and we simultaneously know many things worth having do not come without putting effort into them. Creativity is always within reach, we just have to have the desire and motivation to grab it.

Stay creative, lovely readers!


~ Antavia


Photo by Yasmine Boheas on Unsplash