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Hola, lovelies,

I hope your weekend was as restful as mine. Much of my time was spent resting, finishing up a book, and watching movies with the fam. Because movie nights are some of the best kind of nights.

As I sit here, fueled on my second cup of coffee and the genteel high of creativity, I am content in this space, in this moment. I wanted to share it with you and express the sweetness of a resting kind of creativity and resting contentment in knowing that the essence of my soul and your soul lies embedded in a love all-encompassing.

Today, I made time to read part of a book I’ve started on and off for the last three years. It’s called The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus. Don’t be fooled, this book isn’t long, I just haven’t finished it yet.

The Artisan Soul Erwin McManus

The chapter I’m currently swimming delectably through speaks strongly of an inner voice and what kind of voice, we as creators and humans should listen to. We all have an inner voice, whether it is ourselves, our parents, critics or God.

McManus writes, (it’s long, so prepare yo selves for this goodness.)

“The Scriptures [the Bible] remind us over and over of the power of the spoken word. The story of all humanity came into being from the voice of God. He is the master storyteller. He was always intended to give us the narrative that guides. The voice that spoke light into existence is the one we need to expel the darkness within and bring us to light, to life, and to love. Working on us like an instrument that is out of tune, God masterfully tightens and loosens strings until the notes resonate properly and reflect the most beautiful sounds. We find our voice when we find his voice. It’s here that we experience our most authentic selves and find our true voice. In the end every artist creates only art that reflects the inner voice.” – Erwin McManus

Inner Creative Voice

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I want my voice and my creativity to follow the lead of the One who desires to make me whole and full of a love that satisfies my deepest longings. Because it is out of this satisfaction, this infinite joy, and unrivaled love that my arts becomes a full expression of heaven, of his grace; a full-on musical composition of His glory.

Out of hearing his voice, there is the reality of intimacy, of knowing the Creator of heaven and earth and knowing that he lends me this gift of creativity that points back to him. When you share a part of yourself, as God does with us, when you share the intimacy of conversation that seeps beneath surface level, there is intimacy resting and residing when Abba God speaks to us.

With this conversation continually being breathed between God in myself, whether through poetry, dance, or prose, I am creating out of wholeness and there is no doubt in my mind my soul is operating at its best level.

Look Within Yourself

So, for you what sparks the creativity within you? How does choosing to follow the lead of Creator God lend to your creative process, your wholeness, and the essence of your creative soul?



~One creative soul, Antavia. 


Photo by Iryna Ogarkova on Unsplash

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