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It is safe to say, that you dear reader, have found yourself at one point, reading a book and definitely not wanting to finish it. I have been there and for quite a while I used to feel this slight feeling that I should finish what I started even though enjoyment was not being had from reading the book.

So, if you haven’t already caught on, it’s Wednesday, which means it’s Bookish Parley Day! Whoop whoop!

I decided to write on the topic of readers reading what they want to, simply because I’m in a space of reading books and my desire is to read books I enjoy, books that help me grow as a person, and are actually fun to read.

Reading becomes a task when you’re forcing yourself to read something you don’t want to, an example being college reading, I was terrible at reading novels for my literature classes. Granted, I should have read them, school work is important. Anyways…


However, as an adult, out of college, with all the free time in the world I used to complain about not having in college, I now can read.

I can read fiction, biographies, memoirs and so much more. Yet, I find myself at times, confined to factors that solely come from what I think I should be reading and how fast I need to be reading said books. As funny as it sounds, I’m putting the pressure on myself.

Why Does This All Matter?

As a reader and a writer, I have come to the best conclusion ever. Read what you want to read. Read what fuels you, gives you hope, and ultimately do your spirit and soul some good. I’m a firm believer in doing things that are life-giving, this includes what I read. Read what reminds you of fresh air and what it’s like to inhale it. Allow your eyes to take in adventures you wouldn’t normally find yourself in and soak it in. Find joy in words and the fact that someone wrote them in the hopes that you, dear reader, would read them.

Stay hopeful and seek joy today, lovelies!

If you have any awesome book suggestions, PLEASE leave them below! I’m always in want of new books to add to my list!


~Antavia, a girl in love with literature.

*Featured Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

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