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Hola lovlies!

Almost all of us are familiar with the catchy phrase from the cute Disney/Pixar film Dory sang to Nemo’s father, “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”

As an adult, these are encouraging words. Words that bring little light and hope when one is need of a little verbal pick me up. At least for me, they are.

I think of this phrase in terms of growing, stretching,  and maturing, all those good words we as humans tend to shy away from. Recently, I purchased a succulent for fun to test my limits, or hopefully limitless potential with a green thumb. So far, it seems to still be alive. (Yay plant babies) After buying my tiny succulent that fits into a 3-inch pot I researched how to keep them alive and was surprised by how simple it all seemed. Water, but not too much, sunlight for 4-6 hours rotated evenly, and a little TLC.

This is my baby succulent about two weeks ago. She’s gotten some sunlight and warmth the last couple of days, so she looks better.

Now, I’m in the process of nurturing a succulent as well as waiting for mint and lavender, I planted to begin sprouting.  With the herbs, there has only been much watering and making sure they get sunlight.

In all of the waiting and nurturing, my sister had to remind me that the plants have to grow beneath the soil first before they start sprouting above the soil. This may seem like such an obvious point, but it was something I needed to be reminded of at that moment. When she said this one short sentence it all made so much sense.

Just as plants grow and develop into stronger, more full versions of themselves, I realize that I’m growing as well. Growth does not always look the way I think it will, but that’s okay. Developing and maturing are beautiful processes in and of themselves I’m learning to appreciate. Even if I don’t always understand it.

As time moves forward, as sunlight prods and strengthens me just the way my plants are being nurtured and strengthened, I’m growing into the better version of myself. The version Abba God intended for me from the very beginning. In the garden of my soul, I’m learning to choose wonder and laughter all the while embracing the stretching of growth. I’m stretching beneath sunlight and learning to rest within its warm embrace so that I may know the fullness of being rooted in Him.

Let me know in the comment sections if you have any tips and tricks on plant growth! I’d love to know new techniques I haven’t Google(ed) or Youtube(ed) yet.


Stay growing y’all,

Sincerely a growing girl,

~ A

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