Grace is the thing I’ve longed for most and felt most undeserving of. I have been washed in a darkness of my own making and Grace found me. And as the song goes, I have discovered Her to be truly amazing. She is sure and unrelenting, a gift I find myself unraveling each day.

Mornings are brighter, quiet times quieter still. Each day I choose to place myself in spaces to seek His pace of Grace, to be in awe of pure love that transcends the depths of my soul; mind, will, & emotions.  I am deciding everyday, that each moment of my life needs His love, His touch of beauty so that I may see joy in the simple.

I am learning His pace and how the love of my Abba steadies my heart when I feel all else racing against all I know to be true. All I know to be calmness, all I know to be grace.




Sincerely a woman taking in Grace, steadily, but surely,

~ Antavia




*Featured Photo by Mel Elias on Unsplash

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