How you create and what you create stems from knowing who you are and believing it when it doesn’t seem true.

Earlier last week I wrote about identity here:

How to Be Yourself Wholly and Creatively

The question I want to ask you as you read the rest of this post is, how do you view yourself as a creative person?

For myself, I’m a writer. It’s a part of my creative identity even when I don’t feel like writing. It’s true even when what I write doesn’t seem worthy of being seen or published due to my apprehension of allowing people to see a bit deeper into my psyche, my heart, and my soul. I believe with the utmost of my being God created me to write and so I do, through growth, through pain, and through love.

What’s Your Creative Identity

Identity is a part of humanity. Every single person has one, whether it has been discovered or not. It can be hard to believe that what we create comes from the wellspring of how we view ourselves.

For many of you who read my blog, you know that I identify as a woman who is committed to following wholeheartedly after Jesus and my Abba Father’s heart. I’m a Christian and much of what I believe about myself is because of who He is.

There have been moments and sometimes these moments still try to pop up, where I question my value as a person. Whether that be my value as a writer/poet, dancer, or overall creative. I will ruminate on my character and personality, and question just who am I really. During my high school years, I went through a time of really delving deep into who I was and who I wanted to be. Eventually, college came along and I began to grasp more firmly of how important it is to view myself rightly. I came to understand how God views me,which I believe to be the most important part for me.  And honestly I am still understanding it and learning to believe it every single day.

In my last post I wrote, “knowing who you are changes the game for your dreams, goals, and purpose in life. Having an identity set firmly on wholeness, unconditional love, healing, and the grace of God empowers a person to be who they were meant to be. When you, dear reader, know who you are you can withstand the lies of an enemy that often uses anxiety, depression, and many other things to affect a generation desperately in pursuit of a hope that says life does get better, life can be good.”

The same goes for creative identity as well. Who you are creatively flows from the wellspring of how you ultimately view and feel about yourself. Because what I’ve known to be true is that oftentimes how we “feel” about ourselves isn’t always true.

Love Yourself

Dear reader, in the words of BTS learn to “love yourself.” Seriously, because if you do not value the unique person God created you to be out of his infinite love, life isn’t all that enjoyable.

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Today, make time to know yourself. Sit in a quiet room, journal, take a walk and think about you in relation to your Holy Creator. Don’t think about the blog post you feel you “need” to write, don’t think about your past mistakes. Instead, think on “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

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