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I finished reading my first book of the year! Whooop whoop!

In my last Bookish Parley post, I wrote of the books I’m currently reading. Click the lovely pink words and give it a quick read if you haven’t yet.

It has kinda been a bit slow, reading for pleasure again. Yet, I must say, even though it’s month two of 2019, I am quite happy to have completed a book. Finally!

The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer took me by surprise and I must say that I’m glad it was my first book to finish this year.

The Chemist
The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer

My expectations were low and much of what I thought I would get out of this book was actually the opposite of my initial thoughts. Honestly though, after you read the entire Twilight series, read the sadly never published version of Midnight Sun, and the gender-swapped version of Twilight, you want vampires from Stephanie Meyer, not spy novels.

However, this book hooked me and I fell in bookish love with Stephanie’s writing all over again. She knows how to write a compelling story and how to do it with conviction.

As I said in my last Bookish Parley post, The Chemist is the story of a vertically challenged (yay short people!), strong, and independent woman on the run for her life. After leaving her organization she has been in hiding for the last 3 years. With 3 attempted assassinations on her life under her belt, she is fighting for her life until unexpected events cause her to fight for someone else’s. The main character is thrust into what could be the last fight she ever partakes in to find the truth while also finding her humanity, love, and even family.

Bookish Thoughts

After finishing this book last week I recommend this book for anyone who adores spy novels and even those who don’t. This book is a fun, emotive read that takes the reader on a journey unexpected with a couple of laughs and maybe a few tears along the way.

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads and if ever in the mood I’d probably re-read this gem.

If you haven’t already, give The Chemist a chance. Let me know below if you’ve read this book, I’d would be happy to read your opinions!

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Sincerely a girl who has finally finished a book this year,

~ Antavia



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