Hola, Beloved fam!

Books are the substance to a well-lived life, at least I like to believe so. (Obviously besides Jesus)

Leather bound spines and the smell of new books, or the stench of older ones mingled with ink, have been bringing joy to my olfactory senses since I was a young girl.

If you cannot tell by now, I love books. You guys know that meme of the girl staring longingly at a bookstore and her mom or friends are saying no while dragging her away…that was me, honestly that is still me.

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So, in order to indulge my book-loving tendencies, I’ve decided to start something new on this website called Bookish Parley.

What is the Bookish Parley?

The Bookish Parley will be a time to share with all of my lovely readers about any and all things bookish: book reviews, current reads, and even secrets into my book writing process. (yes! I’m writing a book, but there will be more on that later.) Expect one every other Wednesday to satisfy all your bookish desires.


This week I want to share with you guys some of the books I’m currently reading and what they’re about.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane Erye is the epitome of a Gothic novel. The suspense, the mystery, filled with prospective spectres sure to give cause for a slight rise in heartbeat.  Jane Eyre is the story of a young girl, raised with an unloving aunt and even crueler cousins. Jane is sent off to school where she becomes the educated woman she’d always dreamed. The rest is a whirlwind of excitement as she embarks on a whole new journey as a governess at Thornfield. This book caught me off guard with all of the suspense and quite honestly the dastardly events that unfold from beginning to end. I have about 15 more chapters, left in this book and it’s great.

The Chemist
The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer is a lovely and creative woman who is the reason for my love for young adult literature. Twilight was my jam at 12 years old and to this day I will reread the series, I mean it’s Edward Cullen and the fam!

Fun fact, as I’ve gotten older I sometimes wish Bella had chosen Jacob. At 12 I disdained the man and all he stood for.

I digress, though. Unlike Meyer’s previous novels, The Chemist isn’t filled with vampires and a damsel-in-distress teenaged girl who strives for a 95 years old vampire,who sparkles like diamonds in sunlight, to be her everything. This book is filled with a short (yay short people!), strong, and independent woman on the run for her life. After leaving her organization she has been on the run for her life. With three attempted assassinations on her life under her belt, she is fighting for her life until unexpected events cause her to fight for someone else’s. Stephanie Meyer does an ah-mazing job with this book. I’m 60% done and I may finish it today.

Pep Talk Terri Savelle Foy
Pep Talk by Terri Savelle Foy

Terri Savelle Foy is a woman I happened upon last week when watching her live broadcast on Kenneth Copeland’s (a pastor in Texas) broadcasting network. I didn’t intend on watching, but my twin sister believed God wanted her to watch, so I sat with her and was intrigued. Terri Savelle spoke of the power of positive affirmations and how the words we speak can truly change the scope and reality of our own lives. This book is a continuation of her episode that day. Savelle takes the reader on a journey of knowing and understanding the power of words. She delves deep into how the views we hold of ourselves can be what is holding us back from our potential, our dreams, and ultimately wholeness with God and ourselves.

“Again, your brain believes whatever you tell it the most. Your repeated thoughts and words shape your life. That’s why you must spend time daily declaring your new positive affirmations about yourself and your future It is only through repetition that you begin to reprogram your mind. You must be willing to be committed, disciplined, and determined to change old patterns.”  ~Terri Savelle Foy

Switch On Your Brain Every Day 365 Readins for Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health
Switch on Your Brain: 365 Days for Peak Happiness and Health by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Yoooo, okay, this book here has been truly life changing. This book aligns with the one above in similar aspects of thinking and what words/thoughts you’re thinking about yourself. There is an actual book that came out before this one that I have not read. This version of Switch on Your Brain works more as devotional or daily journaling follow-along. I try to do this every morning or before I go to bed at night. I’m currently on Day 16.

This book shows the reader how the thoughts that one thinks daily can affect your mental state, emotions, and even your health. I was a person that would ruminate on the past often, on mistakes I’d made, and I would kind of stew on old thoughts and patterns and it would cause such unrest in me. Christine Caine, a well-known pastor from Australia once said, “You must make what God’s done for you, bigger than anything that was done to you or anything you’ve done.” Dr. Caroline Leaf takes it a bit further and uses practical tools to help humanity do just that.

Each of these books has been a pleasant read so far. At a certain point, sometime in the last year, I’ve somewhat strayed away from strictly YA and decided that reading books that aid in my spiritual and mental growth are equally important. So, that’s why I have a couple of spiritual growth books on here. You may see a bit more. 🙂

If you’ve read any of these books, let me know by commenting below. If you’re interested in reading any of these awesome books, let me know! I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed this Bookish Parley! I cannot wait for the next one.


Sincerely a girl who loves reading,


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