Understanding your worth as being who deserves love ultimately allows you to rise above when someone wants to decide your value for themselves.

During this time of year, I have been around many people who despise the day of Love. Their defiant wailings of woe ring loudly and the tumultuous life of being single haunts them. I have met people who carry disdain and disappointment, heavy in their hearts all for one day of the year.

I’ve learned from experience that this reaction is oftentimes a result of heartbreak, relationships ending too soon before the holiday, or simply a misconception of love altogether.

                                     My Experience

Valentine’s Day for me has always been a joy. I mean chocolate and teddy bears, how could you not?

But, seriously though, from a young age my parents, every V-Day would celebrate by buying chocolates, balloons, or bright pink teddy bears with the year on the right paw. Some years we would receive cute cards or little notes reminding my siblings and myself of their love. In college, I had amazing friends who would buy me chocolate and give cute gifts and I adored  the gifts and all the ways they showed their love for me.

In the midst of these experiences, I have never found myself scorning the holiday simply because this day isn’t summed up in my singleness or any other specified relationship status.

No matter your past experience with relationships or your current relationship status, choose to find reasons to celebrate love this holiday. Love is not that person that may have broken your heart. Love can be found in the friends you have, the family who choose to love you, and the unconditional love that comes from God everyday.

Sincerely, a girl in love with Valentines’ Day

~ Antavia

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