In the words of Zendaya, “I wanna start something new.” That song was my jam about four years ago. Haha, but anyways…

New things can be scary. It is something never done before, never attempted and viewed as “the other.”It’s that thing you say to yourself you might try one day, but if it was really left up to you, you’d never do it.

Starting something new is taking one step further than what is normal, going beyond what is comfortable. It is the step forward that changes everything for the better simply because, in some way, it was what was supposed to happen all along.

Life is filled with moments of newness, overcoming hardships and difficulties so that when we make it to the moments of the “new,” although uncomfortable, it just feels right.

Before anything big happens in my life, before any sort of change or growth comes about, it all starts with me doing something I’ve never done before. With poetry and even with my faith as a creative all started with tiny (sometimes big) moments of my uncomfortability; my stretching and development as a human being.

In college, I realized the importance of growth, the importance of always being willing to grow beyond what I’ve always known about God, about life, and especially myself. 

This blog is something new for me. Out of nine years of writing poems, and deeply spiritual reflections of my teenaged growth into young adulthood, I have decided to embark upon the newness of life. A newness of taking hold my dreams and making them a reality. Within this newness comes creativity, in-depth understanding of a wholly loving and holy God, and how that makes everything else make sense. 

This is a journey I’m all too excited for. Penofthebeloved is sweet dream of mine that is growing. I started writing in this world of words when I was only 14, and now as a 23-year-old woman, I am amazed at the changes within myself and the sheer faithfulness of my Abba God. 

This is going to be good and I hope you come along for the ride and begin in the uncomfortability to make way for wholeness, joy, and a wild kind of love. 



Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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