As a college student, my main job consisted of writing essays and poetry, in my university days I  prided myself on being a master procrastinator.

I could write a paper 3-4 hours before its due date and could get an A or B on it and thought myself a genius. Ha, those were interesting times.

But the reason i would wait so late would have nothing to do with equally important tasks such as school work. Much of my procrastinating centered around Netflix…ah, the glory of Netflix, and books. Walking around my university’s library inhaling the scent of aged books and a watered-down chai in my hand were the days. I called it book therapy and as a result I would check out a number of books and read less than half, but never all.

Now, as a college graduate, procrastinating looks a bit different. It borders somewhere between acute laziness and a slight apprehension of failure. There are no tests or essays vying for my attention. Nothing imperative like graduation looming above every choice I make. Presently, what rests above me is creativity. Thoughts like…if I don’t write today I’m further from getting this manuscript published, or if you watch three episodes of Elementary you’ve wasted 4 1/2 hours of your life (I have to factor in snack breaks).

Don’t get me wrong though, I realize that there is a marked difference between procrastination and rest. I’ve just noticed in my life recently I’ve used “rest” as a reason not to do…not to create, write, read or anything. It became an excuse not to be involved, to be passive.

In some ways I am deeply aware of how my life solely depends upon the decisions and choices I make. My health,  my spiritual life, and even my creative life are all things that are affected by my own discipline and decision making skills.

With 2019 underway I am all for making goals, managing my time, and seeking out the things in life worth seeking. There are a number of variables one can factor into how happiness can be achieved and  I refuse to spend my life without joy, love, laughter, and all of the beautiful, worthwhile things that come with life.

However, all of the lovely things I have described only come dependent upon the choices I make in spite of what life throws at me. Procrastination in college honestly seemed harmless to me, but procrastination in life is quite literally the cliche “a recipe for disaster.” 

Don’t allow yourself to feed into procrastination, face up to the fear of writing that book, answering the questions to life you may not want to, and own the life that has been so graciously given. 

‘Now all discipline seems to be more pain than pleasure at the time, yet later it will produce a transformation of character, bringing a harvest of righteousness and peace to those who yield to it.’ Hebrews 12:11


Sincerely a creative against procrastination,

~ A


*Featured Photo by Magda Fou on Unsplash


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