Oh, What Joy Lies in 2019

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

We’re 10 days into 2019.

Days continue to pass and I feel as if the year hasn’t just started, but it has been underway for about six months.

As each day passes I am all the more aware of how perspective ultimately determines my positive or negative outlook on the year I have resting in front of me.

So, I have made the decision to grab daily, with both hands joy, peace, purity of life, my mind, and relationship with God. In all of my musing these last nine days, there lies this realization of living life based upon the limitless grace of God instead of the brokenness of past decisions, mistakes, and old thought patterns.

My sweet Abba is revealing to me that joy unspeakable and love unconditional lies in my making what He’s done for me bigger than anything I’ve ever done, no matter how atrocious or unforgivable I deem it to be. It is quite easy to make my past bigger than God’s freedom for me and one thing I’ve realized these last nine days is that I do not want a repeat of last year.

I do not want to play victim to the lies of an enemy whose sole purpose is to take from me what God, His Sweet Spirit, and Jesus have wholly given to me; which is freedom, love, wholeness, holiness, and a peace that surpasses my understanding, your understanding, all of humanity’s understanding.

It’s the kind of peace that resides in chaos, in brokenness, and in hopelessness in way that makes every single thing I may be experiencing so incredibly small.

This year there is such a strong desire to come to know myself and God in ways I have not experienced thus far. To see myself as He sees me and for His truth to be what presides over my evaluation of myself. 2019 is a year for flourishing in my Abba and all that He has for me and I pray the same for all of you dear readers who may come across this post.

With Determination,