There is a sound that resonates within

A clanging of difference that rumbles

the foundation of my being. 

A year ago this month I wrote a poem of sorts, it can be called a quote. The beginning of the poem serves as the tagline for this blog.

I don’t quite remember the frame of mind in which I wrote it, but there are moments in my life where words flow like rivers, unstoppable and poignant. To be honest I surprise myself with what comes out. But the words above have become a sort of phrase to live by, a reminder to myself of something much larger than myself and where I may be currently in life. 

The feeling is like a siren’s song, but much more beautiful and one that does not result in an untimely demise. 

These last 25 days have been filled with a peace that seemed unattainable in the months before. There has been much reflection and patience needed for my own sake and starting this creative journey for myself has been helpful to me emotionally and even spiritually.

In the act of creating, trying to create, and forcing myself to rest when I didn’t necessarily want to brought about this yearning within my soul that serves as this reminder of the “why” of my life and purpose. The beautiful and indescribable driving force behind my existence is the very being of God, Jesus, and Sweet Holy Spirit.

As the year winds down, I look back with humility, gratefulness, and mild sadness that is making its way into gratitude. There has been such pain, such growth, and innumerable tears shed. I have carried the weight of my own flaws and inadequacies the way others carry pride, strong and unshakable.

Yet, the last 25 days has given me space for perspective and I have chosen to make fields of flowers where I have felt valleys of shame because my Abba does not give life for it to be solemn and melancholic to the soul. So, as I continue to create and reflect with joy in the midst of growth that brings pain or discomfort for needed strength, I remind myself of a Sound that resonates louder than any other.

For fear and shame cannot withstand grace that flows like a river and I refuse to be a woman bound by mistakes, bound by sadness, when my Abba’s love makes way for me to know His Sweet Spirit’s peace.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10)

with gratitude,


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