Day 24: Christmas and the In-Between Moments of Life

Merry Christmas Eve my lovely readers!

Can you believe it’s just one more day left in my journey of 25 Days of Creativity. 

In all honesty I’m surprised that December is almost over and we’ll be stepping into an entirely new year. 

My last couple of days have revolved around wrapping presents, Amazon ordering, and grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, all the while entertaining little ones. It hasn’t been chaotic these last couple of days, but busy it has.

Time seems to be culminating into this one moment of explosive beauty with my niece and nephew running around, wrapping Christmas presents, and trying to figure out at what point do I want to bake a cake.

In the middle of my intermittent breaks I’m reminding myself to think on the goodness of God, the purity of giving instead of receiving, and how it is a blessing to do for others when I am able-bodied and capable of doing so. I’m taking the time to see the goodness of my Abba in the midst of being surrounded by noise, a kitchen swathed in heat, and the many more to dos left on a list that isn’t as long as I’m making it to be.

This time of year is always a magical season. It’s one of joy overflowing and a peace that transcends what always seems to be so physical. I’m grateful for a time where I can be surrounded by my family and so aware of the transformative power of grace made available because of a baby birthed into earth, fully God and fully man. I’m grateful for Jesus and how all things began anew with him. 

I may not have spent much time writing poetry or drawing today, but there has been such wonder and fun and love being created in the form of memories today and for that, I am grateful (even though I just tried to talk my niece into taking a nap which she refused. She’s now happily eating a Christmas Tree cake). 

My dear readers,I hope your Christmas is filled with so much joy, love, and peace. I pray for a sweetness to reside within your holiday this season and for grace be the thread that holds everything together.

Warmly nestled in the Christmas Spirit,

~ A