Day 21: Christmas Inspiration & All the Hygge-Like Things

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Christmas is quite literally upon us. In just a few days Christmas day, the long awaited holiday for so many will finally be here!

I must say, that I am quite excited and yes I am the kind of person that will play Christmas music in October. To be honest I think I did listen to one Christmas song in July. Sometimes you just need a Christmas “pick me up.”

While we’re on the subject of Christmas “pick me ups,” it’s so easy to be inspired around this time of year. With alll of the Christmas movies, (Netflix has been on it with Christmas movies this year) Christmas music, and all the cozy-hygge like things winter brings, inspiration is everywhere.

So, it seems like there couldn’t have been an easier time to do 25 Days of Creativity than the first 25 days of December. However, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do when there is no “Creativity Journey” for me to do. Where will the inspiration come from?

Obviously, I understand that creativity doesn’t always happen when inspiration strikes, but with discipline as well. I mean, it’s such a beautiful moment when you’ve been hit with this sudden stroke of genius and verses of poetry flow like water cascading over a waterfall, but discipline kind of helps the water keep flowing when inspiration feels lacking.

For me the journey of being creative won’t end on December 25th, but I do hope that this is the beginning of being disciplined and inspired. I sincerely hope  that these 25 days have been the beginning of a something much bigger than I can imagine.

So, here’s to 4 more posts as this journey concludes.

Merry Christmas lovelies!

With Cheer,

~ A

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