Today is Day 13 y’all!

I just have to say how exciting this entire process has been so far! 

To have made this goal and plan just for 25 days to do something creative has sparked a fire to truly live life creatively. Obviously there are days where the creativity doesn’t seem to flow very easily, yet I realize on the days it doesn’t flow is a day to rest. 

Today has been kind of a day for rest, but for Day 13 I’d like to share 13 simple things about this month and this time of my life that I’m thankful for in no particular order. 

Here we gooo!

  • An array of pens and notebooks
  • Doodles and growth within drawing
  • Coffee and the simple pour over method. (Guys I don’t use a fancy Chemex, I just use a coffee filter over a mug and it has done wonders for the taste of coffee.)
  • Outlets to share my words and for the ones who read them. I’m grateful.
  • Evenings where sweatpants, hot beverages, and Christmas movies are the best kinds of moments with my fam.
  • Peace from my Abba in the moments of now.
  • Spiritual growth even when I have felt the process slow and His voice practically non-existent. I know that God, Jesus, and Sweet Holy Spirit are always with me.
  • Other bloggers and social influencers living out their purpose unashamed.
  • The fact that I don’t have to be just a tea drinker, but I can enjoy coffee too. 
  • My family. The women in my life who create space for me to be challenged and to  grow beyond what I could not see for myself.
  • Grace upon grace upon grace
  • Protective hairstyles and new hair changes (2018 has been the year of my hair kinda struggling)
  • Sweet friends who have traveled to see me and the memories we’re making outside of dorm rooms we no longer occupy.

I encourage you to be thankful for the things in your life. To see with fresh eyes what is present, what is now, and what is beautiful. 


~ A 

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