Day 6 When the Writing Starts to Slow

It’s days 6 of my 25 Days of Creativity challenge and there has been copious amounts of coffee and tea consumed on my part in my endeavors of writing, doodling, and blogging.

I had two cups of coffee and a cup of tea yesterday and three cups of tea the previous day. There may have been more than three, but I can’t recall. 

So, yesterday for Day 5 I spent my day resting and kind of thinking about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

In my thinking one thing I am realizing all the more is how important it is to allow myself rest in the midst of creating. The art of creating is not contingent on the ability to force out words or drawings in a timely matter. To create means to bring something into existence with the use of one’s imagination.

These last couple of days has taught me that the value of what I create does not lie in profit or likes. To create, for me, is sharing parts of myself with a world always in search of something. I create as as a way to understand life, to grow, to share, and to bring truth and light. This is not to say that I have all the answers to life’s questions, but experiences and shared experiences make a difference, the beautiful revelation of Christ makes a difference.

I would hope that the sentiment is the same for other creators too. The beauty of creating is so much more than I’m aware of right now and creativity is something I want to cherish.

Today, for Day 6 I added more poems to a body of work I’m gathering together to publish. It is a great feeling to see my words forming into a book. I’m grateful for this process and I pray that if any of you are creating, you are taking time to rest, to remember why you do what you do. 

Happy creating my beautiful readers.


~ A

“Our truest response to irrationality of the world is to paint or sing or write, for only in such response do we find truth.” – Madeleine L’ Engle. 

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