Yesterday was Day 3 of my 25 Days of Creativity and I took that day as a rest day, to recuperate and kind of think on why I’m creating and remember why I began this activity in the first place. 

It was overall restful and I do believe helped me feel better relaxed and ready for today, which went well for the most part. 

Today was Day 4 and during my time at work I made time for poetry during my lunch break. I wrote and I drew and I tried not to force anything so that frustration wouldn’t come about. Much of today has been peaceful and pleasantly creative.

I’m grateful for the words I’ve written, the quiet of this morning and the cup of coffee that followed. Mornings are just so great. 🙂 

I’ll be sharing some the poems in the near future so, stay tuned my lovely readers. There is more creativity to come. <3 

Stay creative peeps! Jesus loves you and grace abounds through all things and in all things. 


~ A 

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