Hello my lovely readers!

I just wanted to give you an update on how my creative process is going to day.


12:57pm :So far I’ve attempted to create a short story. I have 2 1/2 sentences. I believe they are relatively good sentences, but it’s 12:57pm as I’m writing this so maybe there’ll be more later.

My day started off quite well. I finished my Bible plan called Adamant by Lisa Bevere. Afterwards I attempted to temporarily dye my hair red, which has come off as a more pink-ish color. (It’s just a spray can of dye called “Rockstar Red”) I’m totally feeling like a rock star, guys. 

I made a delicious cup of coffee with delectably frothy almond milk and I must say that I’m proud of myself because it’s been about six months since I’ve made a good cup of coffee. I’m not exaggerating at all.

Now at 1:00pm I am waiting for my black bean veggie burger to finish baking because they kept falling apart in the new non-stick skillet we just bought. So, as one of my dear friends likes to say, “it’s been a time” trying to create today.

I’m not done, so we will see what I accomplish today. I usually pray before I create to include God into my creative process because, ya know, He’s literally the Ultimate Creator in my opinion. So, I’m gonna do that, eat a veggie burger, and watch This Is Us for about 30 minutes…maybe an hour. 

PART 2: Update

5:59pm: So now it’s around 5pm and I’ve written 628 words in a new short story. So far its pretty slow, but I like the calmness of it. After intermittent snack breaks and a nap, and a much needed prayer I had a sort of renewed vigor. 

I did indeed watched an hour of This Is Us, it was pretty sad, almost cried, but I held it together. I made tea, and my veggie burger still fell apart after the oven, but it was somewhat together and that’s all that matters…

Overall, I would say Day 2 of 25 Days of Creativity has been successful and I’m liking this so far. 

My plans for the rest of tonight is to rest. Catch up on Doctor Who and hopefully read a bit of Pride and Prejudice so I can begin again tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more on what unfolds. Who knows what’ll happen. 🙂 


~ A 

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