Pushing Creativity: The Nanowrimo Matrix


The last month has been one of squeezing out poems the way one tightly wrings out  a cloth soaked in liquid. Maybe a more accurate description would be the way someone uses an olive press to grind out every bit of oil the tiny little fruit can hold. (I had to Google it, but unbeknownst to me an olive is indeed a fruit not a vegetable.)

I have spent much of my November and a somewhat the latter part of October writing and typing and trying to force the words I see behind my eyelids onto paper or a digital screen.

To some, it may look like I may have gone on  a crazy writing spree, to others this matrix of non-stop writing may seem familiar. I decided to embark upon the journey and trek that is Nanowrimo with a couple of awesome friends and fellow writers.

*NANOWRIMO stands for National Novel Writing Month. The month is always November and at this point writers from literally all over the world commit to writing 50,000 words, which is the basis for a novel.

My friends and I each had our own goals and even different writing styles and genres. Instead of working on one of my novels, I chose to complete the manuscript of poetry I’ve been telling myself to complete since college.

Y’all! I told myself this would be so easy. Like piece of cake easy. Buuut, as I’ve discovered since I’ve gotten older, writing poetry is akin to pulling my insides out of myself and trying to remember experiences/places/feelings, basically everything to put it on paper. 

It’s been mostly fun, but I don’t remember writing poetry to be this hard.

Anyways, I am excited for what I have written this month and I’d like to think that this is the first time I have successfully done Nanowrimo properly, excluding the 50,000 word count. Since I’ve been doing poetry my word count goal was somewhere between 8,000-10,000.

Through this process of Nanowrimo and pushing creativity, I’ve learned it’s okay to not force myself to write “well” all the time. There are times I will write a poem, hate it, then go back a couple of weeks later and appreciate it a bit more than when I first penned it. 

I need to give myself time and patience and not give up. So, by the time you guys are reading this, Nanonwrimo will have ended, but I will still be writing, still creating, and giving myself grace.

If any you readers have ever done Nanowrimo, let me know below in the comments. I’d love to hear success stories and even the not so successful stories.


With patience,

~ A