Wonder in the Revealed

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It’s edging towards the end of November and I cannot express the fullness I feel in peaceful fall mornings.

The crispness of morning air as sunlight breaks through clouds as I’m on my way to work gives me solace and I’m grateful for the gift of autumn.


I know my blogging has been inconsistent lately and after some thinking and pondering I realized I needed a break from creating, writing, projects, and doing for other people. There is so much energy and time I’ve been expending on creating, Instagram-ing, and  book writing projects that I hadn’t made time for the truly important things like my soul, my relationship with God, and understanding myself as God created me.

Don’t get me wrong, inspiration and creating are great and wonderful things, yet I came to the realization that none of these things should be deterrents for me to not seek God. I would get so caught up (I still do, I’m still learning) in making sure I’m writing, editing, doing, and being all these other things that I wasn’t focusing on the source of my inspiration and creativity. God had been calling me to Him, but much of my time was devoted to trying to create for him and calling it worship when my actions were actually selfish. 

As I take time to relax and come to understand how God has crafted and designed me as a mini-creator I pray daily that I come to the realization of how everything  I do and every single thing I create is worship unto a Savior and Lover whose sweet presence is a beautiful reminder of grace and intimacy.

One of my deepest desires is to create from a place of wholeness, of love, and  of acceptance of the identity Christ established in me the moment I gave my life to him–because to know my God and to be known by Him is #goals.

But seriously though centering my life on the foundation of Christ is valuable as a creator, writer, dancer, poet, friend, daughter, sister…quite literally everything. Love should be reflected in all I do so that I am not the one being seen. So, as I begin to ebb back into blogging and creating, I ask that you pray for me to create out of worship, out of grace, and out of love. 

With love,

~ A 

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