Fall has officially commenced and here in Mississippi it’s been in the mid-90s. Sooo, it doesn’t feel like much of a fall yet, but I’m definitely digging the soft orange colors that automatically come into play for this season.

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Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and for the last five years I’ve been in cooler climates around this time, but as some of you may have read in my last blog post, I’m currently in Mississippi for the first time in five years. Which is a really beautiful change of pace. 

Since graduating college and finishing an internship that lasted my entire first post-grad year I find myself adapting to new things that don’t revolve around school work, homework, and other things that come along with a collegiate education or internship.

Now, I spend the bulk of my time writing when I’m not working my part time job as a sandwich artist. (Yay, sandwiches) and when I’m not writing I’m doing a plethora of other things (exercising, baking, reading, staring out windows, that type of thing) but one \ thing I find to be the most important, is cultivating my relationship with God.

For those of you who don’t know, I went to a Christian college where there was a Prayer Tower, Prayer movement, chapels Wednesday and Fridays, and even nights of worship that happened once or twice or month. (There were a lot of Jesus things going on.) So, when I left college I was warned by other Oral Roberts University alumni that learning how to spend time with God outside of ORU would be a challenge.


Luckily for me I ended up doing an internship with a Christian non-profit right out of college and there wasn’t much I had to adapt to or learn to do that was different from what I’d spent the last four years doing, to some degree. During my time as an intern we still had worship times, set aside days for prayer, and my favorite thing of all the things from my internship, besides working with my middle school-ers, was Sabbath. We had Sabbath! It was a Tuesday and not on a Friday/Saturday as the normal Jewish Sabbath, but anyways, you get the gist.

Seeing as I am now outside of ORU and a Christian non-profit internship, I’m somewhat solo on this ride of intimacy with Jesus which is kinda…nice. Like, for reals. 

When I finished my internship and came back home and was finally in a room by myself for the first time in 300+ days (my internship lasted from June 2017 – May 2018 with some breaks)  I was kinda lost on what to do.

In some ways I was like, what is journaling, what is quiet time, how do I do this without a worship band in the background (or someone playing a djembe or cajone)?1! (This may be a little exaggerated, but kinda true.)

Now, it’s September. A lovely beautiful month full of seasonal, spiritual (if you follow the Jewish calendar), and sometimes physical changes. It’s almost as if I am learning about myself all over again and I’m learning intimacy with God and it’s a lovely, crazy-beautiful moment of falling in love with someone who loves me more than I may ever hold the capacity to understand.

There is such a pleasant warmth, a genial and heavenly atmosphere that occurs when a soul searches for intimacy with their Creator. I’m discovering this daily and among the other important things that call for my attention, I am understanding all the more, that nothing should be more meaningful in my life than knowing my God and being known by Him.

God is reshaping and undoing many things I’ve allowed to cloud my perception and reality of who He is and who I am. I am healing within myself and allowing His sweet Spirit to mend the things that have created rifts I’ve thought to be unmendable and it’s like I’m finally reaching the good stuff of what I’ve been craving for the last year. 


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The good stuff with God is always there, waiting to be uncovered and realized. I want the good things God has for me, and I desire the intimacy of being known.



~ Antavia

This post was encouraged and spurred on by the song “Just Give Me Jesus” by Unspoken. You should listen to it if you haven’t. It’s sooo good.



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