Sweet Home Mississippi?

2017-07-08 20-996263837..png

It’s is absolutely mind boggling to think about where I was this time a year ago.

This time last year I had just finished a summer internship and was in the process of making plans to return to the same internship to spend a year of my life there.

During that time, my life was in such a different place. I longed for things, ideas, and people I find myself no longer captivated. Some of those things have evolved into new ideas and entirely different people, hopes, and prayers.

One year ago I was on a journey and God was leading me into a wilderness I felt entirely unequipped to handle. I believed my year would unravel into this beautiful year of growth and friendships and as I write this sentence I see how different everything turned out to be. During that time I forgot that growth oftentimes isn’t easy and is not always comfortable. But, God used that time to draw me closer to him despite it all.

Now, it’s a whole new September. I am in Mississippi for the first time in five years and I’m not packing up all of my things for a 10 hour drive to college or 2-3 hour flight to Delaware. (Yayyy post-grad life).


Downtown Meridian

Honestly, this is all very new, exciting, and strangely relaxing. I’m growing still, but in different ways. I’m learning how to be, and understand that being does not always mean doing. I’m learning how to write again and allow vulnerability to be a theme between myself  and God, myself and family. I am coming to know that poetry is not one set definition and as I grow so does my voice and that it’s okay to write about the bad moments and relish the good ones while I anticipate better ones.

I’m learning to love my home and to take silence when I can, to pray when I don’t feel like it, and to dance when the movement feels foreign–because in it all I’m learning. And learning is good.


Grace & Peace,

~ A

Also, don’t be fooled, that is not my camera in the picture. It belongs to another creative soul who actually knows how to use it.