We Won’t Forget About Surrender


ORU Chapel

Credit: ORU Oracle

“There’s a joy in surrender.”

Surrender is a term that lacks the ostentatious and glittery glow of other words used in the Christian faith like love, worship, compassion, or for some outreach.

Surrender falls more in line with words we sometimes find ourselves cringing from like discipline, prayer, fasting, and even evangelism (which is literally telling people about who God is and how amazing He is.)

For me, surrender has never been a truly scary word, but I can honestly say that I never fully understood how it applies to my daily life as a follower of Christ until one day I understood a little bit more. It took me realizing that the act of surrendering, giving unto God myself, can include, my time, my talents, my wants, and desires.

I’m in a season of discovering who God is and as cliche as that statement could sound it is quite true. My discovering and my seeking is only a direct result of my surrender to God. There is much I have seen and grappled with in my life that has brought me to the understanding that only once have I surrendered to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will true joy, contentment, and peace be a part of my life.

The crazy thing is that one of the things God asks of me to surrender is my time. To surrender time, surrender wants and things that in reality aren’t purposeful to who I am and whose I am. 

Throughout my life surrender has looked like giving to God that sin I totally thought I had under control and really didn’t. It looks like forgiveness and repentance to God of my own actions and mistakes, as well as of other people who I chose not to forgive. Surrender has looked like walking away from relationships and people God was leading me away from to protect me even if I didn’t always see that.

And surrender even looks like fasting, which I’ll go into more detail about on another blog post. But literally skipping a breakfast a day, even a week or more to seek God to clearly hear His voice and direction has been a part of my surrendering.

To put it even more simply sometimes, for me surrender is choosing Jesus over Netflix. This goes back to my time and how I’m using it.

What I’m seeing ever more clearly in my life right now is that if I desire more depth and intimacy in my relationship with Christ, giving up my time seems like the most logical idea. This is not to say that I will become a shut-in recluse and never interact socially with human beings again.

However, spending time away with just oneself and their Creator is a sacred and beautiful space that opens up space for God to meet with us in ways our spirits so strongly desire.

“The one thing I ask of the Lord– the thing I seek most–is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord’s perfections and meditating in his Temple.” –  Psalms 27:4

Surrender, is a daily part of my life and I seek to  get better at giving of myself to a wholly loving and righteous God who loves beyond my human comprehension.


Grace & Peace