It’s summer.

Because it’s summer that means significant amounts of sun, iced drinks, sweet tea, (if you call it iced tea, I go so far as to say you’ve never had sweet tea, there’s a stark difference), bright colors, and a whole lotta summer body memes.


For me, summer 2018 is my very first summer in Mississippi without having anywhere to go once August hits. As a college graduate, there is no more school for this young grasshopper. There aren’t any forseeable internships on the horizon. There’s quite literally nothing planned besides trips I decide to go on.

With this new found freedom of a summer ahead of me I find myself in this sort of mood where I’m surrounded by so much time. I have so much of it and it’s beautiful and sometimes daunting when I feel that I am not using all my time. BUT, I find that I am blessed this summer because I have all this time to do more of the things I like, like writing, finding new teas to drink, and exercising. Exercising is sooo nice, I love it.

I’ve also discovered that there can be a place of idleness I desire to never find myself. With all this newly discovered time I realize that I have so many opportunities to not only discover new teas and Pinterest workouts; it’s also a time to discover more about God. What’s interesting is during my internship I found myself being like, “Uggh, I just want to spend time with God and I just want to lie on the floor and listen to Steffany Gretzinger…” Yet, since I’ve left Delaware I’ve done that a total of times that I can count on one hand.

This summer, I want to take advantage of this lovely gift called time and use it discovering God in ways I haven’t chosen to. I want to not only write poetry, but delve deep into intimacy with the Poet himself (that’s a little cheesy, but I do consider God to be quite the poet). In this time I have I want to take in the blessings bestowed to me, dive into grace, and learn new things about a God who has placed me in a season of so much time.

~Blessings I’m Thankful For~

  • I Love Lucy on DVD. (It has one of favorite episodes. Lucy thinks Ricky is trying to murder here because of a mystery books she’s reading and it’s just hilarious.)
  • New quality mugs that cost me less than $5.
  • Matcha green tea lattes, cold and hot. (I am now calling matcha powder my new bae, granted I don’t know who/what my old one was, but I digress.
  • Poetry written in cursive. (I don’t know why I’ve never done this, but it is so relaxing than just plain ol’ print.)
  • Jesus daily reminding me of His grace when I feel undeserving of it.

2018-06-12 21.58.42.jpg

Grace & Peace y’all! <3


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