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Last year I started this mini project with myself. I hit a bit of a writing slump and did not have any desire to write on my novels or any other projects. So, one thing I started doing

is created something called Musings. I created this as a way to write what I’m feeling in any present moment. I take the feeling and type it up and save it for later to go back to. There is something beautiful about taking what one feels, especially the incomprehensible emotions.

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I thought I would be useful to share some of my musings here.


Things not easily gained are worth the wait and struggle.

There are many things I want. The yearning goes deep and I feel as if my being is an embodiment of want, waiting to be satiated by the one thing I like to believe will fulfill the need.

Yet, I see in the struggle of a beautiful wait there is a moment of refinement to be had. When longing overwhelms me, the power and strength of what I do not hold in my hands, allows me to be mindful of what is presently mine. So, that when my heart finally gains what I’ve waited for, I will know the inexplicable value of it.


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