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So, put me anywhere, just put Your glory in me. I’ll serve anywhere, just let me see Your beauty. All is for Your glory. 

These are the words I’d sung aloud for four years as I stood in chapel underneath dimly lit lights with my hands stretched towards the heavens, my gaze transfixed on whatever purpose God may call me towards. In the midst of singing these words, I would try to remember the weight of what I was singing and oftentimes wondered where would God put me and would I really serve Him anywhere?

The last time I sung this song in chapel it was Oral Roberts University’s class of 2017’s Commencement Chapel. All of the upcoming graduates were pulsing with excitement, eyes gleaming and full of the expectation that God would call us to do great and marvelous things once we walked across the stage to receive an empty diploma cover. I admit, my eyes were gleaming and excitement had begun to well within my heart and I anticipated a chapel that would celebrate my last four years as a college student. As the song, “All is for Your Glory” began to play, guitars started to strum, and the lights began their flickering dance,  I thought to myself how accurate the words were for this moment in my life. I had prayed numerous times for God to “put me anywhere,” this song had become my anthem and little did I know the place God would call me would be Wilmington, Delaware.

As I sung the line “All is for you glory,” I stood amazed at how the direction of my life up until that point truly reflected just how much God had been leading and directing my life. Right now it is the middle of summer break, (which is technically no longer a break and just summer seeing as I don’t go back to university in August) and I have less than five days before I start this amazing journey in Delaware for an internship. For some reason unbeknownst to me God has decided to put me in Delaware to serve with an organization called UrbanPromise, and I know that as I serve, give, and receive I will see his beauty and see his glory in a city I never expected to end up in.

UrbanPromise Logo

So, over the next eight weeks, I will be writing about my experience with this  organization where I will have the amazing opportunity to spend time with kiddos and teenagers and seeing God at work in ways only He can. I’m beyond excited, slightly nervous, and wait with anticipatory gladness of what will come of this experience.

Going into the unknown can be frightening and exciting simultaneously. For me, I know this unknown is very known to my Abba and I choose to rest in that fact.

So, I leave with a frequently read and recited scripture, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

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