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I love the rain. The sound it makes when it patters against rooftops, the way the raindrops feel on hazy summer days when flowers are in bloom and the grass is the greenest you’ve seen it in a while. The rain makes space for peace, for rhythm–for caution even.

Today it rained, and as I sat in my best friend’s car listening to Ed Sheeran I watched as the rain beat down upon the windows so hard and so fast that it was almost hard to see directly in front of us or the sides of us. I trusted her to make the right decisions, to remain calm and get us safely to our destination, which she did. 🙂 The rain lasted for a while and it calmed me to see it. But as I looked out the window I realized that no matter if I’m in a car or sitting at home snuggled up in a blanket staring out the window, I’ve come to know that rainy days make for not so clear windows. This is not a bad thing, most of the time. Although the rain can sometimes muddle vision, the rain also cleans away dust and dirt. Rain water also nurtures the ground and causes growth.

The last couple of months have kind of been like rain to me. Sometimes the rain storms have been pleasant and calm and others it has been raging and stifling, mostly due to poorly made decisions on my part. However, I’ve come to know that on rainy days when I cannot see so clearly I can trust that God is directing my path the best way that He knows, because He obviously knows best. It is wholly and completely comforting to trust God, it is not always easy but it is a choice that leads to always arriving safely at your destination. Trusting God makes space for peace, for rhythm–for caution even and just as I find peace in the rain I find peace and knowing that when I can’t see clearly, God is cleaning away the dust and filth of my life and His love is the ever nurturing hand that causes the soil of my soul to continue growing.

Enjoy the rain.

Antavia 🙂

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