Autumn is here and the leaves are changing colors. The other day while I was walking from class I noticed the orange leaves falling from the trees standing tall above me and thought about how my life is very much like the vibrant leaves that ride the wind to the ground. As the seasons change I am very much aware of the big changes I have coming up in my life. The biggest change coming up is graduation. 4 and a half months from now I will be leaving the wonderful world of college and stepping into a world without essays, tests, and final exams. This makes me very excited, naturally. However, I am all too aware of the question that looms just after my graduation ceremony. What am I going to do afterwards?

I’ve expended large amounts of energy in the last year or two trying to decided what I want to do that will earn me a successful career with a job that I actually enjoy going to. I know partially what I want to do. I want to write books and write poetry and I want to publish the works I create. I want to grow as a human being and be content with myself as a person and know that life after graduation will be okay.

In the midst of all of these changing emotions and I remember the leaves. I tell myself that the leaves symbolize new changes, new seasons, and new creativity. As the leaves fall and scrape against the concrete making music with wind, I tell myself that it is okay to fall, and like the leaves I will grow again as new things come out of this season.

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