Like many other women in this wonderfully huge world, I want to be married. Not now, but in the future. I am in no hurry to be hitched for the rest of my life, to have and to hold til death do us part. Yet,  I find myself longing for it.

Yes, I’m excited about one day possibly being married and I look forward to it, but I am in no rush. However, there are some days I feel as if I’m ready and that time is taking an extremely long time to introduce me to the man I will marry. There are days I ask time to speed up and make the minutes and hours pass along like the flash of ticking seconds. Then, there are the days I relish in time’s wisdom knowing that I probably should bask in this singleness many others find stifling and boring.

So, in an attempt to to sort through my feelings, like many other lovers in this world I decided writing a poem would be good, so I did.

Between the two of us, time has chosen to extend
Its arms and prolong the days left of our
Resolve and the beauty of our patience,
Time, an unwanted nuisance, yet a needed friend
Has placed its wisdom above our desires and
Causes us to wait in a temporary purgatory
That appears never ending while all along
Being the omniscient cupid to our whispered
Prayers of longing to love and be loved
                                                                         Antavia Mason


Also if you want to read more of my poetry I have an Instagram dedicated to just that. Check it out at @poetryplusheart


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