To a world that insists we do not matter
It is of the utmost importance to say, “We do”
We matter to the moon and the stars
That have viewed our enslavement for hundreds of years
Watching as silent onlookers on an injustice
That no longer belongs in black ink
On the white pages of our history books,
We matter to the sun, for it is in the light
We see ourselves as we truly are,
Beautiful, strong, and valid in the face of naysayers
Who demand our silence, but only receive our resilience
We matter to the world, we matter to society,
We matter to our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters,
Aunts and uncles, cousins and friends,
We matter so much that it should be enough
To say Black Lives Matter, and in response
Receive respect and empathy instead of hatred and apathy.

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