Jeremiah 31: 3, “Long ago the Lord said to Israel: ‘I have loved you, my people, with and everlasting love. With an unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.'”


I am still learning to understand the love of God. One would think that as a Christian it’s obvious that God loves you, right?  God loves everyone. However, what I have come to realize is this: there is a difference between knowing God loves you and grasping with your soul the gravity of God loving you. To know that you are loved and to understand that love is life altering in the most beautiful way. The weight of God’s I love you is the soft spoken whisper that is capable of drawing a withered and beaten soul out of darkness into the warm light of God’s presence. Those three words have the power to take captive every negative thought, action, and word that has seemed to have draped its chains around you and break off what God has never called you to begin with.

The words I love you spoken from the Throne of Grace are like beams of light shining into a future that once seemed impossible. To understand completely that you are God’s dearly beloved is to understand your importance, value, and worth to God in Heaven. To be loved is a wonderful thing, but to be loved by the Creator of the universe and the Maker of your very soul is something beyond words.

A few weeks ago I had been struggling to write a poem. I was frustrated because it was as if I was trying fill a bucket of water from an empty, dry well. So, after many failed attempts I decided to wait for something to come. I wrote this little paragraph that I titled Dearly Beloved. It is a depiction of how God is with us in the most subtle ways and how He is always near even in the moments when life seems to be a burden too heavy to bear. Be reminded in whatever moment you are reading this that your are wholly and completely loved by God and He calls you dearly beloved.


Dearly Beloved

The wind lingers on the soft whisper of your lips and I am drawn by the sway of your song and the force of your dance. This moment is magic and in this second I am captivated by you, stilled in this moment by the strength of your beauty and the smile of heart. This is you and now I can finally accept it. This is us and now I know that this was all I ever wanted from you, to know that your love compares to none and the weight of your heart carrying mine is all the help I will ever need in the storms of this life, because your strength is all encompassing and all powerful. You are the sun to my darkest nights, the wind to my rustling heart and the rain to the drought of my soul. You are all of the metaphors I cannot breathe out fast enough. You are all of the poetry I cannot drive my fingers to write. You are  the similes I dare not force my ink to spill because you are all too beautiful to capture in the lines of rhyme and meter─ all too lovely to suspend on paper.

~ Antavia Mason


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