In the Midst of It All

Time & Space

When time and space become irrelevant

it is then that I feel closest to you

minutes stop passing and seconds no longer tick

you are the expanse of everything happening all at once

and in the midst of it, I am still a priority

Have you ever stopped in the middle of whatever it is you were doing to just pause.  Do you ever stop and listen to the sounds around you. The whisper of the wind as it rustles the leaves in the trees or the chirping of the bird flying over head. Do you stop to acknowledge your surroundings and know that God is present and aware of you. It is extremely easy to become bogged down with work, school, and even family.

Being a junior in college and taking major classes and doing extracurricular activities I sometimes forget to just be. I become consumed with the work around me and I don’t stop to take a breather and relax. I wrote this poem out of a longing of moments when time and space become unnoticeable. When it is just me and my Creator, and I rest. There are times I get so busy that I forget that God desires for me to spend time in His presence. Even with all that I have going on God is always available to meet me in my craziness.