There are some days where I am really aware of the things around me, whether it be my surroundings or people. I become aware of the hurting people around me and the fact that I feel as if I am doing nothing to show those people Jesus, the One who can take their hurt away. At times I sit very still and quiet and I realize the depth of why we (Christians) are here on earth. We are here to impact the world for Christ. People hear the word impact and think that they have to do something big for Christ, something that will get them noticed in the eyes of people, and shine a little bit of glory on God. I think that way sometimes too. I find myself believing that I have to do something so huge that people will look at me and say, “she is definitely living for Christ.” However, our definition of the word (big) gets distorted. Impacting the world is not about being big in ourselves, but being big for the glory of God. We must realize that we are not here on this earth so that we can be seen. We are here to impact the world FOR Christ, so that people can SEE Christ, and come to KNOW Him.
         In this world every single day, there is one person that we can reach out to. One person that we can show the love of Christ to. There is one person that we encounter just walking down the street, strolling the hallways at school, or even when grocery shopping. Without even walking out of our front door or our dorm room there are people we can lift up in prayer to God. That one person is one person that can come to know Christ TODAY.
          I write this with conviction and strong fervor to see people in the arms of Christ. In my own life there have been times where I should have prayed for people and I did not because I was too self-involved. I wondered. “what if they say no” or “I’m too shy.” There were times I simply would say, “well, God, if I don’t do it someone else will.” I don’t want to be like that anymore. I want to be the one who listens to the voice of God and obeys. I want to be the one who is so passionately in love with God that I fall passionately in love with His people. I want God to let me see His people the way He sees them and I want to love them. I want to pray for them and show them Christ.

CHALLENGE: I challenge all of you who read this, including myself, to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and the voice of God. Step out of your comfort zone and be the hands and feet of Christ and impact this generation for the glory of God.


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