Oh  God the breath  I breathe is ragged as I gasp for You
I long to feel Your touch, to feel Your embrace
As I  wade through my life I feel burdened by all I have done
O God, free from myself, release these chains that wind themselves around my mind
I cannot seem to escape from myself, no matter how hard I try
Only one word from Your lips is all I need for You to sing over me
My ears long for the sweet melodies of freedom and grace that You whisper to me in the night
Lord, I long to breathe You in, filling my lungs with the sweet refreshing fragrance
of all that You are,
Father wrap me tightly in Your arms, hold me close
so that I may hear Your voice that flows into my mind, body, and spirit
taking captive every single wisp of blackness that seems to have clasped itself to me
Lord I need you, my soul cries out to You in yearning of peace, of grace, and clarity
Father, come to me in this darkness and wipe it all away

~ I wrote this poem because there are times, like now that I feel so burdened by everything. My mind seems to be so cluttered and filled with so many thoughts of baggage that I am so unsure of. I need God so much and all of the time. I know that He is the only one who can heal me. He is my reason for life. He is my grace. He is my clarity, even though  I don’t  understand absolutely everything right now. I wrote this poem because it is how I feel at the moment. Even in this God is my reason to live, my Father is truly EVERYTHING to me.

* I love you DADDY with all of my heart and my very being. I trust You even though I feel troubled and even lost in a way. Jesus You are the Way the Truth and the Life. My hope is in You. Help me and Holy Spirit lead me. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN

This poem was inspired by two songs by All Sons & Daughters: O How I Need You and Reason To Sing. Here are two videos below of the songs, I hope you enjoy them 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU!!!!
(I own no rights to these songs or videos)

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